What's happening
See my artwork at these events:


Racine Art Museum (RAM) Art Sales and Rental Gallery.  It is an
invitation-only gallery and 5 of my works were accepted as they are looking
to expand their artist catalog.  The public can rent work with an option to
buy from this collection of established Wisconsin artists.

An International Mezzotint Portfolio Exchange
Fifteen mezzotint artists from seven countries have organized an An
International Mezzotint Portfolio Exchange which will be exhibited at
Frogman’s Print Workshops 35th Anniversary Celebration, May 16, August
12, 2016. The portfolio will also be exhibited at the Mid - America Print
Council Biennial Conference in Louisville, KY in October titled, Print
Matters: Printing Matters - Mezzotint Matters.
The participating mezzotinters are Caroline Koenders (Netherlands);
Deborah Chapman (Argentina / Canada); Jorge Matoes and Leo Rodrigeuz
(Mexico); Yolanda Carbajales (Spain); Mehdi Darvish (Iran); Laine
Groenweg (Canada); Carol Kirchner, David Crown, Jayne Reid Jackson,
Jeremy Plunkett, Julie Niskanen, Karinna Gomez, E Val Dewald, and Linda
Whitney (USA). All have been active participants in the International
Mezzotint Society exchange portfolios and / or the International Mezzotint
Festival, a biennial exhibition held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and are active
artists in their own regions and countries.
My contribution to the exchange:

You can also view my artwork in person at these venues:

RAM (Racine Art Museum) Art Sales and Rental Gallery, Racine, WI

Grace Chosy Gallery  in Madison, WI (closed August 2013)

Peltz Gallery in Milwaukee, WI (closing July 2014)
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Jayne Reid Jackson  printmaker
Artist Statement
As someone whose artistic expression is firmly based in drawing, I find that printmaking,
especially intaglio, provides me with the widest range of tools for my needs.  
Through the use of the traditional still life image, I capture what is special about everyday
objects and the intrinsic beauty of the commonplace.
White Tulips, monotype
Red Tulips, etching
Bittersweet II,  mezzotint
Clematis Vine, etching
Daffodils, monotype
Broken Dreams, mezzotint
On Fortune's Throne, etching
Pink Glass & Peonies #1, monotype
Vine Cuttings, etching
Echoes, mezzotint
Crabapple, etching
Yellow Tulips, etching
Bluebells & Bleediing Hearts, etching
Once, etching
Final Bow, mezzotint, 4" x 6" image, 2011
Sweet Sorrow, mezzotint
Food For Gods, mezzotint
Protuberance, mezzotint
Final Bow, mezzotint
In Dreams II, mezzotint
I Once Had a Rose, mezzotint
Fallen Star, mezzotint